247 Moneybox Review

Company Name
: 247Moneybox
Trading name of: Active Securities Limited
Registration Number: 05671281
FCA permission: 622332
Representative APR: 1,281.8%
Maximum Loan Amount: £800
Loan Term: 1 month
Cost to Borrow £100 for 28 days: £22.40
Representative Example: Total amount of credit £80, duration of the agreement 29 days, rate of interest 292% per annum (fixed), total amount payable (in one repayment) £98.56. Representative 1281.8% APR
Hidden Fees: No
Promo Code: No
Contact: 0207 183 8078 / customer.services@247moneybox.com

  • General information 
Established in 2009, 247Moneybox is an innovative next-generation finance company based in central London.
The lender is an FCA authorised, online provider of small, short-term unsecured consumer credit operating in the UK non-bank finance industry.

  • Loan Amount and terms 
Since its inception 247Moneybox has issued over a million loans.
According to the ratings on Trust pilot, 88% of their customers gave a positive feedback about the services they were offered from 566 reviews. 

The lender offers loans from £80 to £800 to repaid on your next payday. 247Moneybox are committed to responsible lending. You can request between £80 and £200 the first time you apply for a loan, although a typical first loan is £80. If you use the service responsibly the lender may give you the flexibility to apply for more cash in the future, should you need it, up to a maximum of £800.

For example, if you borrow £100 over 28 days, your interest will amount to £22.40 with a total to repay of £122.40

You can also make additional repayments whenever you want to reduce the amount you owe and save yourself the interest.

  • Application process and Eligibility 
The loan application is only online and you can apply anytime, weekends and nights included. The process is quite similar to any other direct lender and you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • A valid mobile number
  • Address information for the past 3 years
  • Bank account and debit card details
  • Income and expenditure details 
Also, before proceeding, to be eligible, you must:
  • Be a UK resident
  • Be aged 18+
  • Not be bankrupt
  • Agree to a credit check: a check will be carried out on you but you do not need a perfectly clean credit file to be approved. Many factors are taken into account.
Payout is same day direct to your bank account. Check their website for the latest funding times.

  • Repayment 
Repayment is automatic from your debit card on your next payday. You can also login to your online account and repay early or call 0207 183 8078.

Since 247Moneybox reports loan information to credit reference agencies, missing a payment or simply not paying in full will have consequences and may affect your credit rating. It will eventually make it trickier for you to access credit in the future. Your information might also be passed on to debt collection agencies or in the worst case, the company might start legal proceedings to recover the due amount.

If 247Moneybox do not receive payment in full on your repayment day, the following fees will apply:
  • A Failed Collection fee of £15 charged on the first day after your repayment date 
  • Interest will continue to be added to the amount of credit at the contractual rate on a daily basis until such time as you have repaid what you owe (subject to the limit in the next paragraph). 
However, interest will stop being added on the earlier of:
  • 60 days after the loan repayment date 
  • 60 days after any later date we allow you to repay your outstanding balance; or - the Total amount of interest and charges you have accrued equalling 100% of the amount of credit.

1 comment :

  1. Firstly i applied day 1 for £200. Told me gone through beem accepted.... day 2, nothing. Email them and ask to 100% cancel my account and application. Receive a response saying 'are you sure? We can have money in your acc right away". I INSTANTLY reply "yes please 100% cancel my application and my account effect immediately". I then hear nothing from them till day 3. I am checking my internet banking and see +£80moneybox247 credit.
    I instantly email them and say why is there £80 when i applied for £200 and why has this been deposited after i confirmed for my application to be cancelled. Completely unauthorised. Took a further 2 days for a pretty rude response. They took the £80 back and then took a further 2 emails to the company and a further 2 days for a confirmation that my account is closed.
    All in all, 7 days worth of me emailing constantly, being lucky to notice a credit of a random amount by them, and resilience of wanting to ensure it is closed for NOTHING.
    The entire time they said i was approved for £200 but only deposited £80. Imagine waiting multiple days for £120 less than you needed! NEVER AGAIN