Best Investments for Beginners 2022: 5-15% per year

If you are tired of earning 0.5% of interest with your bank deposit and desperately looking for good alternative investment to earn 5 to 15% a year, you are at the right place.

Below is a list of investment I have invested in and tested myself. I share my experience of their products and the results I have obtained.


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Bondora is a peer-to-peer lending platform that offers people to invest in loans to get higher returns that traditional saving plans.

You can choose to invest either manually or automatically in loans for returns up to 15-20%. With higher returns will come higher risks (riskier loan ratings...).

Their latest and most popular product is called ''Go&Grow'' and similarly to a bank, you can deposit funds to earn a fixed guaranteed interest of 6.75% per year. You can also withdraw money from this account at any moment.

My results:

As shown in a previous article, I started investing there in 2014 before Go&Grow existed and posted returns of 14% p.a. When they released their new investment product, I started moving funds to this deposit type and while earnings are lower, it is less risky. Interests are still very interesting at 6.75 - 7.66% in my case as I still have some funds on the regular loan portfolio.

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Similar tp Bondora, it is a P2P platform where you can invest by lending your own money.
The interest rate is usually around 8-12% depending on your risk aversion.

I am personally at 8.65% so far in auto-invest.


ChangeInvest is firstly an investment platform focusin on cryptocurrencies but you can also invest in some commodities like Gold or in some startups.

Besides that they also propose you to own a VISA debit card and if you deposit funds to this account, you can earn 7% annually.


There are also a few options to earn money in the crypto world.

With Coinbase there are a few options you can use to earn money:
1/ Learn & Earn 

From time to time Coinbase adds a new coin and a Quizz (usually 3-4 easy questions) worth USD1 each (in this specific crypto but that you can exchange afterwards).
So far I have personally earned USD 71 and obviously a lot of those coins have appreciated. 

Each quizz takes 1 minute or less as you can skip to the quizz (example below) and even if you reply incorrectly first you can always choose another answer... it's that easy :)

To get started, you simply need a Coinbase account and don't need to invest anything in cryptos to earn from there. CREATE AN ACCOUNT NOW

2/ Stacking

If you own some cryptos, you can also stack them and earn an interest, a little bit like a bank deposit account but more flexible.

So far it works only with Dai and the yield is 2.55%.
Same as above, you only need a Coinbase account to get started.

Some other wallets will provide a much better stacking rate and diversity of crypto assets, such as Guarda:


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