Monese Review and Promo Code - Instant UK Current Account Made Easy

Monese was created following a personal bad experience. The founder moved to UK and he struggled so much to open a simple current account that he decided that something needed to be done. It’s the story that goes ‘To open a bank account, you need a job’ and ‘to get a job you need a bank account'… That’s how the idea of Monese was born.

And now their mobile applications offer the possibility to open a current account in a few minutes and for a reasonable monthly fee of £4.95 per account.

To be eligible you just need:
- To be 18 year old
- Resident of a coutry member of the EU or Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein
- have a passeport

Who is this for:
anyone matching the 3 points above but essentially this service was created for: expats, immigrants and freelancer

What you get:
- current GBP account for £4.95 per month (first month free)
- low cost international money transfers (very low rates)
- Free Contactless Mastercard Debit Card
- Make cash deposits and withdrawals
- You can also open a EUR account
- Full control of your account via Android or iOS app

Details of the app features:

Home: the home is your dashboard and shows you a summary of all your banking activity. A graph also illustrates your fund level.

Card: You can view your card pin, lock card it in case it's lost or stolen and order a new one.

Pay: you can send funds to any country and in currency at extremely competitive rates. The transfer is 100% FREE and for repeat transfers you can setup predefined accounts.

- Your bank details
- Support: email/chat/FAQ
- Statements
- Setup direct debit
- ATM withdwals status (5 free /m then gbp 0.5/withdaraals / daily limit of gbp300

Monese is rated 5 stars on TrustPilot by their customers. Read more reviews


If you use this code during the registration via the app, you get £5 as soon as you put money in your account from another bank for the first time:  GUILL476

First 30 days free, then £4.95 per month – cancel anytime 

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