Bondora P2P lending up to 20% interest. Sign up and get €5

Bondora is a Peer to Peer lending and borrowing platform. It is connecting people looking for a loan and private lenders looking for a better interest than the ridiculous rates proposed by banks.

  • Borrowers

Most loans are given to Estonians as this is where the company was started up, followed by Finland, Spain and Slovakia.

Loan purposes on the platform are diverse: loan consolidation, education, car purchase, renovation...

The average loan is EUR 2 200 but you do not need to cover the full amount, you can invest as little as EUR 5 in many different loans to split the risk. Bondora actually released an automated way of investing called the Portfolio Manager. You choose your level of risk and the manager will invest your funds. You just need to look at your balance increase.

This is how it works:

  • Investors
There are about 37 000 investors on the platform who have invested over EUR 130 million and received EUR 18 million in interest. 

Investors can come fron anywhere in Europe - for example there are 420 French investors on the platform.

73% of investors earn more than 9% per year. .

  • Example of my investment
I took a screenshot of my dashboard to show the return I've had since I invested about 3 years ago. I hid the amounts on purpose but left the interest rate: 14.39%. Please note that I have chosen a relatively safe option in the Portfolio Manager.

14.39% interest rate. Banks are left behind and cannot compete with that.

  • Why don't you invest now?
If you are not convinced yet, just ask your bank what yearly interest rate they can offer you for a term deposit.. it's laughable. Usually below 1% ! Yes, compared to 9-20% proposed by Bondora.

Signing up is completely FREE and you do not need a credit card. 

By following the link below and just signing up, you will get EUR 5 in your account. Then up to you to wire the desired amount you want to invest:

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