Piggy Bank Review

Company Name: Piggy Bank (piggy-bank.co.uk)

Trading name of: DJS (UK) Limited

Registration Number: 07952979
Credit Licence Number: 660382

Representative APR: 1,270%

Maximum Loan Amount: £1,000

Loan Term: 7 days to 5 months

Cost to Borrow £100 for 30 days: £124

Representative Example: Amount of credit £250.00 for 30 daysTotal amount payable £310.00. Interest rate 292% (fixed). Interest £60.00 . Representative 1270%APR

Hidden Fees: None (no application fee, no processing fee)

Promo Code: No

Contact: help@piggy-bank.co.uk /  0800 206 1560
About: Launched in 2012, PiggyBank offers short term and installment loans of £100 and up to £1,000 for a term of 7 days to 5 months.

  • Terms and amounts

They offer loans of up to £1,000 only if you borrow for 5 months. For a term of 7 days, you could borrow £100 to £400 ; for a term of 2 months, up to £500 ; for a term of 3 months, up to £600 ; 4 months, up to £800 ; and 5 months up to £1,000.

However, as a new client, you can borrow up to £500.

The cost of borrowing is pretty much standard nowadays: £100 for 30 days will cost you £124.

  • Application process

The application process is 100% online, accessible via any computer or a mobile device. Subject to credit and affordability checks - you do not need a perfect credit history to be eligible - you will know whether you are accepted very quickly.

If your application is successful, the money should be with you within an hour.

  • Repayment
You can repay your loan earlier online at anytime via your account. There are no penalties nor additional fees for paying your loan early. For example, if you borrow £350 for 30 dasy and pay back 10 days before the term, you could save £28.

  • Eligibility
To be eligible, you need to be a UK citizen, be at least 18 years old, be employed (work at least 16 hours a week), own a bank account. Also, you won't be eligible if you had a CCJ in the past 12 months, have declared bankrupt or are on a debt management plan.

  • Reviews

Reviews on Feefo show are 88% positive out of from around 200 reviews. 73.1% gave PiggyBank an 'excellent' rating.

The company was also rated as one of the top rated brands in the best short term loan provider category in the consumer credit awards.

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